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Sugar: You Drink More than You Think

Think before you drink:

Why sugar-PACKED drinks shouldn’t be the first choice for you and your family.

When we’re thirsty, too often the first thing we reach for is something sweet. Our kids clamor for sweet drinks. But there are plenty of good reasons to think twice before settling for that soda, sweet tea, sports drink or fruity beverage. They’re packed with sugar — more sugar than you might realize. A single sweet drink can have as much sugar or more — in some cases, a lot more — than experts say we should eat or drink in an entire day.

All that sugar can have consequences. Here in San Antonio and South Texas, thousands of families struggle with the twin epidemics of obesity and diabetes. Experts say sugar-packed drinks contribute to these problems. They also raise the risk of heart disease, tooth and gum disease, and more. That’s why we’re coming together as a community to let people know how much sugar is in the beverages we drink, and offer some suggestions on how to pick healthier choices.

The first step to a healthier life is knowledge. Scroll down to the calculator below to learn how much sugar is in that drink you’re holding, how much sugar you’re consuming over the course of a week or month — and how much physical activity it would take to burn that many calories off!

There’s an easy solution. Sugar-packed drinks should be an occasional treat — not part of your family’s daily diet. Water quenches thirst a lot better than sweet drinks. It’s inexpensive, it’s available everywhere and it’s what our body’s need to stay hydrated. Stock the refrigerator with cold water, unsweetened tea, low-fat milk and similar drinks instead.

Sugar-PACKED Drinks:

You wouldn’t eat 16 Packets of sugar.

So why drink them?

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What happens when you give up a big sugary drink habit?

If you’re Hollywood Park Mayor Chris Fails, you lose a LOT of weight!

When 39-year-old Mayor Chris Fails of Hollywood Park found himself at an alarming weight a few years ago, he decided to make some significant changes in his life. Perhaps the most significant, he says, is giving up sugary drinks completely. In less than a year, he had lost 200 pounds.

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Feeling thirsty??

Refer to the chart below to find out how much sugar packets are hidden in your favorite drinks.

Cola icon


(20 fl. oz.)

16 packets of sugar!

16 sugar packets

Energy Drink icon


(20 fl. oz.)

16 packets of sugar!

16 sugar packets

Sweet Tea icon


(20 fl. oz.)

11 packets of sugar!

11 packets of sugar



(20 fl. oz.)

13 packets of sugar!

13 packets of sugar

Think before you drink and make a healthier choice!

Try our Sugar Calculator!

Drink Quick Look Up Tool

Drink Quick Look Up Tool

Look up how much sugar is in your drink!

Convert Grams to Packets

Convert Grams to Packets

Put an everyday measurement to how many grams of sugar are in a drink.

Sugar Consumption Tool

Sugar Consumption Tool

Find out how much the sugar in your drinks add up over a year.

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